Infrastructure applications make the most extreme demands on flooring materials. Compromises often lead to disasters. At ATLANTIC POLYMERS our no holds barred approach to provide quality never lets us cut any corners, and never lets you down on quality or trust.

The range of products at ATLANTIC POLYMERS includes, PVC Moulds for Door frame, Window frame, Paver Blocks, Chequered Tiles, Floor tiles, Wall tiles, Kerb Stones, Slab Stones etc.

Why Choose Atlantic Polymers ?
  • Cost effective.
  • High durability.
  • Acid Resistance.
  • Faster Production.
  • Good resale Value.
  • Smooth finish & Shining.
  • Easy for Cleaning to suit frequent change in color process.
  • More life than any other moulds , since PVC is not biodegradable.
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